With registered office in Serrano 78 4ºderecha, 2800. MADRID (SPAIN).

VAT identification number B-86752888;

Duly registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid under volume 3117, sheet 1, section B;

Contact telephone +34902 570879, and email;

On behalf of the current authorization awarded by the PROPERTY:


The purpose of these Booking Conditions is to set the conditions for the contractual relations established with PRESIDENCE, as the representative of the PROPERTY, and the TENANT (the user). In this way, in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.2 of the Residential Tenancies Law 29/1994, the present Booking Conditions aim to set the present renting conditions.

It is informed that, as requested by users, the whole contracting and booking process can be done in both Spanish and English.


The whole properties’ booking process must be directly done by the TENANT or his / her legal representative. This must be done regardless of possible later signs by both parties on physical ‘Terms & Conditions for Booking Temporary Rentals’ documents, as needed in every specific case.

During the payment process, the credit card data provided by the client will be treated in a secure and encrypted environment through the http-SSL protocol


In order to ensure effecting Booking Conditions, both parties reciprocally guaranteed that:

They are of age and have full juridical capacity to act. They consciously act and they freely give their consent without any vices whatsoever.

Accordingly, it is informed that it is necessary to comply the following additional requirements, so the users can be able to make any kind of booking through PRESIDENCE’s website or our booking services:

To have an internet connection. To have an active email account.


PRESIDENCE makes available to the users the possibility to book or pre-book the apartments through the companies’ reservation website.

To this end, the user must follow the below written steps:

1. To register or to log in the website. To this end, it is necessary to introduce the required data in the appropriate form. This process could require providing, among others, the following information: personal data, check-in date, check-out date, number of guests, and the tenant’s contacting data.

2. You will be informed with all the payments associated with the booking, specifically the security deposit, the reservation fees and, any other necessary payments required to confirm your booking.

- The total booking price, so you can confirm it has been correctly calculated.

- The TENANT’s chosen and accepted payment conditions made through the booking website.

The security deposit for the rented apartments is 200.00 €

After finishing the booking process and making the respective payment, the system will automatically send an email to the user confirming the booking status.



Before giving the house keys to the TENANT, he / she must:

1. Deposit through the booking website, or during the check-in, the necessary security deposit. The aim of the security deposit is to guarantee the devolution of the property and its insides in the same conditions as they were before the check-in, except for the natural house deterioration related with a responsible house use.

2. The security deposit will be completely returned 7 days after the check-out, but only in the case the property and its insides are returned in the same conditions as they were before the check-in.

3. Show your Passport and / or ID, physically sign the present Booking Conditions, and pay off, if any, the still unpaid money.

4. Show your credit card and sign the ‘Credit Card Authorization form’.

5. In case the TENANT refuses to sign the Booking conditions, or the Credit Card Authorization form when arriving at the apartment its use will be denied, and he / she will be invited to immediately leave the property. In case the TENANT will not follow this instructions PRESIDENCE reserves the right to call the relevant authorities, if needed. In this situation, no previously paid money will be returned to the TENANT, as it will be considered as if he / she did not accept the booking conditions.


The TENANT commits himself / herself to the following conditions, as well as takes responsibility for the actions done by any other expressly authorized guests visiting the property:

1. To respect the residence’s resting schedule (from 10pm to 8am).

2. It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the properties and the communal areas. The TENANT will take responsibility of the cost associated with the repair damages that could be derived from this act, as well as the additional cleaning and / or painting services needed to restore the property to its normal state.

3. It is not allowed to plan any type of party or meeting above the previously agreed on guest’s number. Any kind of party is strictly prohibited. In case of complaints from the neighbours related to loud music or parties, or if the neighbours were required to call the police for any reason, PRESIDENCE reserves the right to immediately evict the property. In this case, the TENANT will not have any right to a renting price or security deposit refund, as it will be taken as the TENANT did not respect the contracting conditions.

4. To throw the garbage inside the trash bins located outside the building, or in the garbage room inside the building. The disposal garbage time is after 8pm.

5. The stay with pets inside the property is strictly prohibited.

6. PRESIDENCE does not take any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage on the TENANT’s personal objects.

7. PRESIDENCE does not take any responsibility on any possible malfunctioning wi-fi service due to reasons attributed to the internet company, or to any other third party outside PRESIDENCE’s team.

8. PRESIDENCE will not take any responsibility to replace any kitchen utensils, light bulbs or textiles during the stay.

9. The TENANT allows PRESIDENCE to make a 100€ charge per every not returned set of keys, and 50€ per every not returned garage door opener.

10. The TENANT will be responsible for any damage or imperfections made in the property or its insides as well as in the communal areas, no matter if these were caused by the TENANT or by other guests or visitors. The TENANT must maintain the property in perfect cleanliness and sanitary conditions during his / her whole stay.

11. The TENANT makes himself / herself responsible to return the property and its associated objects in a decent condition, as well as free of garbage or any waste product, at the end of the stay. In case these conditions are not fulfilled, PRESIDENCE will charge an additional 100€ charge for cleaning services. This money will be taken from the previously paid security deposit.


In case the TENANT would not immediately abandon the property, or does not give back the keys in the previously agreed date (written in the Booking confirmation form), the TENANT will have to economically compensate PRESIDENCE for every day that he / she extends the stay, or does not return the keys, without prior permission. The price for this action would be five times higher than the property’s price / per night pre-established conditions.


The rent, freely signed by both parties, is detailly fixed as it was written in the ‘Booking Conditions’. The TENANT can always check this quantity in the booking online section, the ‘Entrance Form’, and the ‘Booking Conditions Form’.

The consumption costs are paid in charge of the landlord. In addition, since the telephone and shopping bills are not offered in the renting contract they will have to be paid by the TENANT


As a general rule, as long as it is not specified otherwise, the booking condition is "non-refundable" or the condition that appears in the booking portal.

In case the TENANT cancels the booking, or asks for a change in the booking dates, this petition will have to be notified to PRESIDENCE in a writing form. This should be sent to PRESIDENCE’s email address, Accordingly, the user may use the available cancellation systems inside the booking pages. With this aim, the user will have to previously accept the pre-established conditions in this booking page by PRESIDENCE.

In case PRESIDENCE will be forced to modify the initially agreed on booked property after the tenant receives the ‘Booking confirmation’, the user will have the right to be offered a new property. This new house should have the same or better conditions than the previously agreed on property. If the user is not satisfied with the alternative he / she will always have the right to get a refund for all the previously paid money. However, no further rights could be claimed.

As a general rule, as long as it is not specified otherwise, the booking condition is "non-refundable" or the condition that appears in the booking portal.

In the event that a guest does not arrive at the apartment on the day of the beginning of their reservation, this will be marked as "not presented / no show" and canceled at that moment, the guest can not claim the reservation refund or modify the reservation.

the reservations begin and end the days selected by the guest, can not book a day and arrive at the apartment on another day even within the selected dates.


PRESIDENCE does not offer any additional services apart from accommodation and house cleaning before the check-in and after the check-out. No cleaning services will be done during the stay.


PRESIDENCE is deeply concerned with the correct functioning of our web services. Accordingly, we will do our utmost to make them operate in compliance with the pre-established conditions with our users. Unfortunately, in some occasions malfunctions could occur, especially when related with the intervention of non-authorized parties in our website’s services.

In this way, PRESIDENCE describes below the circumstances under we do not take any responsibility for the inconveniences these problems may cause, and thereby the users will have to take responsibility on them:

1. In case non-authorized information is published in our website or in our information page by third parties.

2. In case the online platform is not operational due to technical problems attributed to third parties, or due to unpredictable causes amounting to force majeure.

3. In case the user stores, shares, publishes, or distributes in PRESIDENCE’s website any kind of maligning, offending, discriminatory, violent, materials. The same conditions will be applied to any content against morality, public order, fundamental rights, public liberties, honour, privacy, or third parties.

4. In case the user makes use of the website page or platform to introduce data, viruses, codes, hardware or telecommunications teams, or any other mechanisms or electronic / physical device that may cause any damage to other user’s informatic systems.

In case any of the accessible website or platform contents were against the current legislation, PRESIDENCE commits itself to proceed to its immediate withdrawal from our services as soon as we are aware and corroborate these facts.


PRESIDENCE is deeply committed to intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as its protection and defence. Therefore, it is informed that:

1. In no case the access to the website could be interpreted as an exploitation right of any the website’s contents. Therefore, their use by the user will be restricted to its mere visualization.

2. It is guaranteed that every web content is completely original and it is published in accordance with the current national legislation. In the cases where we do not own the content’s property we always have the public communication, distribution and / or reproduction rights at our disposal

3. Every logo, brands, commercial names and any other displayed name in the website are PRESIDENCE’s property, or in some cases property of third parties who gave authorization to use or exploit them.

4. Under no means the surfing through the website page could mean a renunciation, transmission, licence or total cession of the intellectual or industrial property rights, excepting those cases where this is accepted in writing.

5. None of the contents found in the website can be downloaded or reproduced in any other place different than PRESIDENCE’s website, unless PRESIDENCE has expressly authorized the acceptable ways for doing so.

6. For security reasons, it is not allowed to use mechanisms which can alter the website’s design, original configuration or contents.

7. Regarding links or hyperlinks, it is possible that PRESIDENCE’s website and / or platform gives access to third parties’ website pages by commercials. These commercials could be showed as publicity in our online services. However, none of these are PRESIDENCE’s property, and therefore PRESIDENCE does not take any responsibility on their contents and / or functioning.

In case the user finds any kind of content against current legislation or that could be harmful to the rest of users in our website, we kindly ask you to notify us as soon as possible through one of the following methods:

To the following email:; or
The following address: Dpto. Jurídico, C/Serrano nº78 4ºderecha


All the clauses written in this ’Booking Conditions’ form’ must be independently and autonomously interpreted. Therefore, they are not affected by the rest of the conditions hereby written, even in the case of one of them being declared as null on the basis of a legally enforceable court judgement. Therefore, the Contracting Parties agree to substitute these clause or clauses and agree on making new valid terms, always in accordance with both parties’ intended effects.


Any possible dispute related with our website page, or any other service depending on it, would work under current Spanish legislation. Therefore, any possibly needed conflict resolution will depend on the courts and tribunals of Madrid (Spain) and, if needed, the Arbitration Court for consumption, or any similar court to which we would be legally attached when starting the controversy

In order to submit any kind of claim related with the use of our services, you may contact the above written email or physical address. In any case, the use of these contact methods by the users should be done in order to firstly try to aim for an amicable settlement.


The present ‘General Conditions’ and ‘Legal Notices’ will be governed by current Spanish Law. Any controversy that may arise from the enforcement and interpretation of these laws will be subject to the Spanish law courts located in Madrid